Friday, October 12, 2007

October 11, 2007 presentation: Pauline Sameshima


The art of learning is the act of gathering text, image, and experience into a connection that adheres to one’s personal frame of reference. The use of visual-spatial reasoning skills to conceptualize ideas and then the transferal of those ideas into a rendered presentation concretizes that learning. Artful teaching is thus a sharing of that personal rendering which unlike closed curriculums, opens doors to complicit designs for knowledge production and acknowledgment.

Pauline will offer insights into the construction of her dissertation, Seeing Red, which challenged the form of the traditional research format. Pauline wrote a fictional epistolary novel (book of letters) incorporating poetry and 17 pieces of art. The work, now published, won national level American and Canadian awards in the fields of Arts Based Educational Research and Teacher Education, as well as the Ted. T. Aoki Prize in Curriculum Studies.

Pauline teaches in the WSU College of Education and heads the Arts Integration Courses. She is the associate editor of the International Journal of Education and the Arts and author of Seeing Red: A Pedagogy of Parallax, published by Cambria Press.

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